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Medfield Heights Elementary School Hosts First Reunion

Paul Smith graduated from Medfield Heights Elementary School in 1962 and is currently President of the Medfield Community Association.

Recently [Medfield Heights Elementary School] had the first reunion gathering. Approximately 150 graduates returned to share old stories and rekindle old friendships from quite a while ago. Some of the attendees still live in the neighborhood. It was great to see some of the guys and gals that I grew up with in Medfield. The turnout ranged from recent graduates to some not so recent.

The event had music, games, and refreshments provided by the Medfield PTA — thank you, it was great!

Hopefully it won’t be too long before we will have another reunion. We are not getting any younger.

It amazes me that the graduates from Medfield Elementary School would take time from their busy scheudles to return and share old memories. I guess it shows the character of the school and its students.

Community Greening Resource Network Accepting Applications

By Sarah Krones, Community Greening Resource Network Coordinator, Parks and People Foundation

A community planting project in Medfield

An initiative of Parks & People Foundation and Maryland Cooperative Extension, the Community Greening Resource Network (CGRN) is a membership program supporting Baltimore City community gardeners and greeners. By coordinating the resources available in our city, CGRN creates a comprehensive and consistent network so it’s easier to maintain the valuable green spaces in our communities.

There will be four CGRN sites around the city. At these sites, CGRN hosts for its members:

  • Four annual Give-Away Days (providing seeds, compost, vegetable seedlings, bulbs, perennial flowers)
  • Tool Banks with hand tools to borrow
  • Workshops held by gardeners and Baltimore City greening organizations on gardening and greening related topics.

CGRN also provides to its members a 20% discount on renting power equipment, the “See Green” Newsletter (with a shared calendar of events, articles and more), networking opportunities, and annual celebrations.

CGRN is accepting applications for 2009 this fall! It is $10 for a year for a Community Garden Membership and $5 for an Individual Membership. You can find an application and more info at, or contact Sarah Krones at Parks & People Foundation at 410-448-5663 x 114,