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Barclay Redevelopment sees some new demolition

The Barclay Redevelopment Project, run by the Telesis Corporation, becomes more visible by the week. On March 22nd, the Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC) demolished six empty houses on the East 300 block of 20th Street, effecting house numbers 324-334. These houses make way for a park on the North-West corner of Barclay and 20th Street, something that was included in the original community-reviewed redevelopment plan.

Keeping up with that plan, Alistair Smith from HABC confirmed that several houses on the East 400 block of 20th street will be torn down in the next couple of weeks. This time, the space will be used for affordable housing units. Both of these demolitions will be paid for using Community Development Block Grant funds, which stipulates that the money be used for public use.

The Redevelopment Plan encompassed a holistic vision toward neighborhood revitalization. While Telesis continues the physical redevelopment of the neighborhood, it has contracted GHCC to provide community services to residents, such as the Workforce program or the Barclay Youth Safe Haven afterschool program at Dallas Nicholas.

The recent demolition is part of Phase 2 of Revelopment Plan, which focuses on the Calvert Street and the western half of Barclay Square. You can find out more about the Plan using this link.