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Neighborhood Institute Workshop Preview: “Bringing Families to Baltimore” by Steven Gondol and Annie Milli

If your neighborhood is looking to better attract young families and new homeowners, ‘Bringing Families to Baltimore’ by Steve Gondol and Annie Milli of Live Baltimore is the workshop for you. To attend this workshop, and many others, register here.

Across Baltimore’s many diverse neighborhoods, attracting and retaining young families is incredibly important. Young families are more likely to invest and work to improve their communities, but even the most loyal, active families will pack up and move elsewhere in the City, or to the County, if they feel their neighborhood is not meeting all of their needs.

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Steve Gondol, Executive Director of Live Baltimore.


Neighborhoods that are losing families and young homeowners are not typically healthy, growing neighborhoods. Live Baltimore’s Way to Stay family retention program has analyzed Baltimore’s neighborhoods, looking at factors that are most likely to attract and retain young families. These selections are based on feedback and criteria from real City families to identify “Five Star Family Neighborhoods”. In their workshop, Steve Gondol and Annie Millli of Live Baltimore will share the Way to Stay selection criteria and how you can improve your standing as a family-friendly neighborhood. Check out this link to see if your community is already a Five Star Neighborhood. During their workshop, Steve and Annie will share how neighborhoods can market themselves to families and improve their Way to Stay ranking.

Many thanks to Live Baltimore for sponsoring the 2015 Neighborhood Institute. LiveBaltimore_logo_tagline_2013_rgb_hires

GHCC’s annual Neighborhood Institute will beheld on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School (1500 Barclay Street). To register for the event, follow this link. This year, the Institute will feature 36 workshops on a variety of topics relevant to community issues and City-wide opportunities. Check back here regularly for a preview of some of the workshops and presenters you can expect to see at this year’s Institute.