Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Staff and Board of Directors


Executive Committee

Georgia Smith
Michael Arnst
Ashley Short

Andrew Joliet
Ethan Bauman
Member at Large
Sarah Landon


Joseph Carpenter
Ana Castro
Kathy Epstein
Ray McCree
Jennifer Mielke
Brett Noll
Erin O’Keefe
Mark Pollak
Norman Sensinger
Phil Spevak
Janyelle Thomas
Keyia Yalcin

Chief Executive Officer
Karen Stokes


Why We Serve

When I returned to Baltimore in 2013, the city had changed so much (for the better) and I realized truly how dynamic and committed its residents are to creating a better city. In particular, the energy among the city’s youth and newest residents has inspired me to get involved and support organizations like Greater Homewood, which are dedicated to Baltimore and its neighborhoods for years to come.

Baltimore is a city of limitless possibilities and significant needs. Strong City understands the elements of what makes a city work for its residents, and has a track record of turning that expertise into results. I joined Strong City so I could participate in this effort and be a part of a network of people and institutions who share a commitment to the city. Serving as a board member allows me to contribute in several ways. I can offer my insights to strategic decision-making, devote my time and effort to specific Strong City initiatives, and donate financially with confidence that I will be making a real difference.

I enjoy volunteering for organizations like Strong City Baltimore because they are committed to improving the lives of the residents of Baltimore City neighborhoods.  Any significant improvement to one or all of Baltimore’s neighborhoods increases the quality of life for residents like me.

I am honored to serve on the Strong City Baltimore Board to demonstrate my commitment to the well-being of Baltimore City residents. My overall goal is to participate in the development of the social and cultural vibrancy of each of the city’s neighborhoods. I am inspired by Strong City’s mission and want to assist in sustaining such a well-known organization dedicated to helping communities thrive.

It is an honor to serve on the Strong City Baltimore Board given the broad array of programs Strong City provides to the Baltimore community.

I care deeply about the mission of the organization and see Strong City’s efforts as crucial to my neighborhood and our city and its residents.  I will personally be an advocate of the organization and do my best to help them grow as an organization.

I was raised in Baltimore and am a proud graduate of Baltimore City schools. Baltimore has so much to offer the people, businesses, and institutions who call it home. I serve on the Strong City board to help provide this community with the opportunities people need to succeed.

I am a member at University Baptist Church which cares passionately for its community. I can’t think of a better way to find out about what’s happening in our community than being involved in the great work of Strong City Baltimore.

Through my work in commercial real estate I truly appreciate the benefits of grassroots development. Strong City Baltimore builds communities from the ground up to have an impact in the communities it serves.