Starting and maintaining a nonprofit can be difficult and costly. Our fiscal sponsorship, fiscal management, consulting, and, HR and payroll services are sustainable and cost-effective methods of advancing social good initiatives through shared services.

Support from a team of experts

Strong City Baltimore has been building and strengthening neighborhoods and people by enhancing the capacity of residents and social change makers to improve their communities for close to 50 years. Ten years ago, we expanded that work to include fiscal sponsorship, fiscal management, consulting, and other supportive services that allow charitable initiatives to succeed in executing their missions.

We support over 100 programs and projects, with assets over $15 million. We believe that society is made stronger through the work of community-based initiatives and leaders. Our work is not tied to our location. We support initiatives, groups and organizations throughout Maryland and across the country.

Fiscal Sponsorship

Supported from a team of experts in nonprofit management

Fiscal Management

Back office support maintaining an independent nonprofit organization

HR & Payroll

Hire nonprofit staff through us

FAQs About Fiscal Sponsorship

A nonprofit organization (the “fiscal sponsor”) agrees to provide administrative services and oversight to, and assume some or all of the legal and financial responsibility for, the activities of groups or individuals engaged in work that relates to the fiscal sponsor’s mission.

Fiscal sponsorship is the most economical way to do nonprofit work because it utilizes economies of scale – providing shared administrative services to multiple charitable programs. This means many project share the cost of professional accounting, legal, HR, and insurance needed by every organization. It comprises about 1% of all nonprofit work, and is practiced all across the country, typically regionally, but not always.

Through our comprehensive model of fiscal sponsorship, unincorporated initiatives and projects can come under the Strong City umbrella so that they can operate as a non-profit without having to secure their own 501(c)(3) certification. This includes being able to accept donations, grants and other charitable funds, offer donation acknowledgements and receipts, and utilize tax-exempt status. Projects in this program receive basic accounting, operations, donor data management support.

This form of fiscal sponsorship places responsibility for fundraising and implementing programs in the hands of project leaders, while Strong City ensures appropriate financial oversight.

Fiscal sponsorship with Strong City removes barriers. We use our established resources and infrastructure to pave the way for other non-profit work. Projects pay a fee and give up some autonomy, but:

  • This frees up your time and energy to focus on the actual work you want to do.
  • This Means you have the capacity to be in the nonprofit sector without being swallowed up or pushed aside by the big players.
  • With our supportive system for projects to work in, you lower the risk of mismanaging your project.

Strong City also offers fiscal management to existing nonprofit organizations with independent 501(c)(3) status. Fiscally managed clients receive many of the same, essential back office support  services as fiscally sponsored projects, while maintaining an independent nonprofit organization.

Through shared services, Strong City can provide high-quality accounting, bookkeeping, donor management, and donation acknowledgement services for less than the market rate. This frees up board members and staff to focus on the work of their organization.

Because Strong City is legally and financially responsible for all of our projects and clients, all prospective applicants must go through an evaluation and vetting process to ensure we can support their work. Potential new projects and clients should also make sure Strong City is the right fiscal sponsor for them. Here is a list of suggested questions to ask from the National Network of Fiscal Sponsors.

Stage 1: Initial Inquiry – Introduce yourself and your initiative or organization to us using the form below.

Stage 2: Evaluation – We send you a set of tailored evaluation questions that will establish a clear picture of your initiative or organization. They will ask about your work’s inception, goals for the year, programming, staffing, fundraising plan and budget. Here is a set of example questions.

Stage 3: Informational Interview – Meet with a member of the staff to talk about your work, needs, support Strong City can offer, and if your project is a good fit for Strong City’s model of fiscal sponsorship.

Stage 4: Follow Up – A time to answer any lingering questions via email or phone.

Stage 5: Final Decision – We present your project to Strong City leadership for approval.

Stage 6: Signing and Orientation – If accepted, attend orientation, meet your Portfolio Manager, and sign paperwork!

  • The work is aligned with Strong City’s mission of strengthening neighborhoods and people.
  • Clearly articulated mission, vision, goals, needs, and programming.
  • An accurate budget and clear fundraising plan.
  • Responsive to both email and phone communications.
  • Willing to learn to use an online accounting systems and fundraising systems.
  • Willing to communicate with support staff regularly about incoming and outgoing revenue, accounting needs, grant applications, media coverage, and high-level programming.
  • The capacity to raise at least $5,000 in new revenue each year.
  • Awareness of what is going on in your issue area and the work of other initiatives and organizations in that area.
  • Working in an issue area or geographic area that Strong City or its fiscally sponsored clients are not currently heavily involved in.
Fiscally sponsored project Harwood Community Association

Learn more about requirements and how to apply for fiscal sponsorship or management

Human Resources and Payroll

Need to hire someone? Strong City can help your through the hiring process and administer payroll and benefits on behalf of your organization.

  • Full time employees with benefits – $3,000 per year, plus salary requirements
  • Full time employees without benefits – $2,500 per year, plus salary requirements
  • Part time employees – $2,000 per year, plus salary requirements

Payroll services are discounted at half-price for fiscally sponsored projects or fiscally managed clients. Contact us below to inquire about these services.

Questions about our services?

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