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Room Rental for Our Gym


If you are looking for a room rental to host a sports event/tournament, baby shower, birthday party, or a fair/expo, our Gym is the perfect room!

The Gym is $75 per hour and accommodates 150 people

*The gym is the only room that can accommodate a moon bounce.

*We do not allow any alcohol in or around the community center

Check below to see the availability of the Gym!

To Reserve the Gym

A $100 security deposit is required. We offer space rentals on a first-come, first-served basis! You can complete a space reservation in-person by paying the security deposit and filling out our Facility Use Agreement form.

*For our security deposit, we only accept a check, debit/credit card, or money order. 

For the hourly fee, we accept a check, credit/debit card, money order, or cash.

In order to complete a reservation of your space online, you can:

*The room rental fee is due two weeks before your event