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Strong City Baltimore (EIN # 52-0897806) provides essential administrative and accounting support to over 100 nonprofit projects and organizations all over Baltimore City and the surrounding areas through fiscal sponsorship and fiscal management.

Fiscal sponsorship provides the ability for the projects listed below to receive tax-deductible donations through our 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Fiscal management allows Strong City to provide essential administrative services to organizations with independent 501(c)(3) status, including processing donations.

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Abell Improvement Association

Improving the physical condition of the Abell neighborhood, building on and fostering a sense of neighborhood pride, keeping the neighborhood connected and well-informed, ensuring a positive presence and maintaining safety, and improving the education of neighborhood children through partnership with the Barclay School.

Acme Corporation

A Baltimore-based theater that brings together the professional, educational, and DIY communities to create work that highlights risk taking, presence, dynamic representation, and experiences that cannot be replicated on a screen.

All Clear Educational Services

Training emergency personnel, police, and judiciary staff (such as judges, bailiffs, etc.) to recognize and effectively respond to people with Autism.

ART Inside/Out

Building the whole self through art in correctional institutions.

ART Power

Engaging kids in art making activities to introduce creativity as a marketable skill related entrepreneurship and self-expression.

Artists for Truth

In a political and media climate that disregards reality, we fight to enable citizens with the skills and tools to effectively develop a civil society based on truth.

Arts + Parks

Arts + Parks is committed to using public street art projects and intentional landscaping to bring back meaning, pride, and beauty to forgotten spaces and struggling communities.


Committed to unordinary programming for extraordinary results in the arenas of developing youth socially, culturally, emotionally, and to improve life and critical thinking skills.

Baltimore Beach Charity Challenge

The Baltimore Beach Charity Challenge is an annual beach volleyball tournament sponsored by Baltimore Beach that challenges teams to raise funds for the sponsoring charity that is important to them. The tournament has been in existence since 2014, and each year we select charities that are meaningful to the community of Baltimore, as well as to our players.

Baltimore Corps

Recruiting and retaining leadership in Baltimore City, mobilizing a movement dedicated to strengthening Baltimore City.

Baltimore Education Coalition

A partnership of more than 20 schools, organizations and religious institutions united by a mission and vision for public education in Baltimore City.

Baltimore Good Neighbors Coalition

Advocating for alcohol policies in Baltimore City and statewide with local implications that will protect the public’s health, safety and quality of life.

Baltimore POWER Group

A gathering place for women in the real estate profession to exchange ideas and network, while raising funds to support initiatives throughout the state of Maryland.

Baltimore Rhythm Festival

Each year, the Baltimore Rhythm Festival brings together world renowned artists and local talent in a celebration of music, voice, and dance.

Baltimore Trash Talk

Works to eliminate trash in the streets of Baltimore through facilitating conversations regarding litter, while also teaming with initiatives and organizations to fight trash, raise awareness of pollution, and sponsor events.

Baltimore Video Collective

Providing access to a wide variety of films for the Charles Village Community.

Beautiful Butterflies

Empowers girls to be confident, socially poised, and ambitious by engaging them in their communities, building their self-esteem, imparting social etiquette skills, increasing literacy, and encouraging sisterhood.

Bedtime In a Box

By giving parents and caregivers the tools to nurture their children, we are developing habits that will last a lifetime. Every night children are falling asleep and we have the opportunity to build a stronger family bond and lay the foundation for success in school and beyond.  Let’s take advantage of this time before bed to build a healthy routine and a healthy, educated child.

BeMore Photography

Helps nonprofit organizations in the greater Baltimore area portray their missions through photography, but giving access to skilled volunteer photographers living in their community – also provides training and professional development for photographers.

Beverly Hills Improvement Association

Preserves and improves the quality of life for residents and community members of the Beverly Hills neighborhood.

Black Fathers Foundation

The Black Fathers Foundation’s mission is to give black men raising or fighting to raise children an opportunity to be heard in their own voices, in order to shatter the stereotypes around who they are as fathers. The Foundation supports black men in coming together in various activities and events in order to socialize, gain resources and information, and show examples of positive black men in their communities, and aims to provide financial assistance to organizations working to assist fathers and families, as well as fathers and families directly.

Black Girls Cook

Teaches inner city teen girls the importance of food preparation, cooking, food hygiene, and healthy eating.

BLISS Meadows

BLISS Stands for Baltimore Living in Sustainable Simplicity. BLISS Meadows is a 10 acre land reclamation project geared toward food justice and creating equitable access to green space in northeast Baltimore City.

BMOG Community Fund

Supports the efforts of residents and organizations to improve the Barclay, Old Goucher, and Midway neighborhoods.

BMore Abroad

Works within Baltimore and the state of Maryland to increase access to study abroad for local students and engage professionals, students, & alumni towards the holistic advancement of the field of education abroad.


Bmore4Kidz is a community of members who are dedicated to providing the children and youth of East Baltimore a safe place to make and create their ideas into tangible ventures.

BOMA Leap Fund

Funds raises in support of schools and literacy initiatives, including facility work.

Bulldog Basketball School

Advance the lives of boys and girls from the Barclay School community using basketball and academics.

By Peaceful Means

Interrupt physical and structural violence by empowering youth through peace education, advocacy, and employment.

Center for Black Equity – Baltimore

Cultivating community, health and wellness in the Black LGBTQ community in Baltimore.

Charm City (Documentary Film)

Taking viewers beyond the nightly news coverage to explore what has become so chronically broken between police and communities.


A community service focused campaign that seeks to decrease the gap between college campuses and the communities they serve through college student and community youth engagement with one another through dialogue.

Commodore to College Project

To do everything in our power to equip our students with the skills, experiences, and the mindset to make good choices in life.

Community Advocates 4 You, Inc.

A network of parents professionals and community advocates working together to provide person-centered support to persons with disabilities. We provide special education training, support brokerage, and transitional youth planning services.

Community Wealth Building

Community wealth building is a systems approach to economic development that creates an inclusive, sustainable economy built on locally-rooted and broadly-held ownership. Unlike traditional economic development strategies that funnel resources to support large or national businesses, often creating poor quality jobs for locals while benefiting corporate owners in other regions, community wealth building puts residents and communities first, valuing equity, inclusion, and sustainability.


Fostering connection and life-learning for students and their senior citizen friends through ongoing multi-generational programming.

Dance & Bmore Programs

Strengthens communities by helping people of all ages and stages of life experience the benefits of movement and music together.

DewMore Baltimore

Foster civic engagement with historically marginalized people through innovative, arts-focused programming, and community organizing.

East Baltimore Truth and Reconciliation

Supporting residents and communities who were displaced or impacted by the EBDI/Hopkins Urban Renewal Project in promoting positive community programming and neighborhood connections.

Edmondson Village Farmers Market

A community venture dedicated to feeding and nourishing Southwest Baltimore neighborhoods.

Ednor Gardens Lakeside Community Fund

Pay your $15 membership and donate.

Ensemble 4-33

Presents excellent, innovative performances of experimental and avant-garde music from mid-century to present.

Fearlessly Loving Yourself

The mission of Fearlessly Loving Yourself (FLY) Baltimore is to provide a safe space that inspires confidence and personal advancement through mentoring and building opportunities for success.

FORCE: Upsetting Rape Culture

A creative activist collaboration to upset the culture of rape and promote a counter culture based on consent. FORCE is the organization behind the Monument Quilt.

Friends of Arlington Elementary Judy Center

Supporting the work of the Arlington Elementary Judy Center

Friends of Arundel Elementary Judy Center

Supporting the work of the Arundel Elementary Judy Center.

Friends of Cecil Elementary

The mission of Friends of Cecil Elementary is to support the education and well-being of Cecil Elementary students, families and the surrounding community.

Friends of Curtis Bay Elementary Judy Center

Supporting the work of the Curtis Bay Elementary Judy Center

Friends of Eutaw Marshburn Judy Center

Enhances the lives of students by facilitating academic excellence, fostering social competence, and cultivating cultural awareness.

Friends of Harford Heights Elementary Judy Center

Supporting the work of the Harford Heights Elementary Judy Center.

Friends of Liberty Elementary: Judy Center

Develops collaborative programs and approaches that support young children’s development, and building parent support networks to promote school readiness.

Friends of Moravia Elementary Judy Center

Supporting the work of the Moravia Elementary Judy Center.

Friends of Our Playground at Stadium Place

Supports the continuing community effort in support of the community-built playground at Stadium Place which was burned in 2008.

Friends of Stony Run

Working to improve the health of the Stony Run stream valley and enhance the quality of the life in the surrounding communities.


Provides access to group fitness for those who can’t afford gym or studio memberships.

Greater Baybrook Alliance

Stakeholders from Brooklyn, Curtis Bay, and Brooklyn Park have crossed the Baltimore City-Anne Arundel County jurisdictional line to create a set of visions, priorities, and actions for the Greater Baybrook peninsula.

H.O.P.E. Baltimore

Led by those with experience overcoming the challenges of returning to society after incarceration, H.O.P.E. empowers men and women to make this transition successfully and permanently.

Harwood Community Association

Supports the efforts of residents and local businesses and organizations to improve the Harwood neighborhood.

Higher Ground Harm Reduction

Addressing the specific knowledge gap and increasing the ability of harm reductionists, syringe service programs, community-based naloxone distribution programs, drug users’ unions, and communities of people who use drugs and/or engage in sex work to prepare for, respond to, and recover after disasters.

Higher Ground Harm Reduction

Addressing the specific knowledge gap and increasing the ability of harm reductionists, syringe service programs, community-based naloxone distribution programs, drug users’ unions, and communities of people who use drugs and/or engage in sex work to prepare for, respond to, and recover after disasters.

HomeBound’s Loads of Love

Provides accessible laundromat services for those who are homeless in West Baltimore.

Ignite Baltimore

Hosts ticketed networking events, the proceeds from which produce a pool of funds to be used as awards to support new, innovative, feasible ideas to make Baltimore a better place.

Impact Hub Baltimore

A co-working space that brings together a community of entrepreneurs, activists, creatives, and professionals to take collaborative action and drive positive change in Baltimore and beyond.

Improving Education

Improving educational systems by harnessing the creative power of individuals to develop, test, and implement innovative and efficient solutions to complex problems.

In the Stacks

In the Stacks brings engaging, collaborative, and accessible performing arts programs to historic and unique venues in Baltimore City. Currently performing in Peabody Library, In the Stacks focuses on three values: accessibility (both in pricing and programming), diversity (celebrating works by living artists and artists from underrepresented communities), and collaboration (incorporating more than one artistic discipline into each program).

Jump for Joy!

Blends the fun and excitement of jump rope with the power of community caring to nurture fitness, goal setting, positivity, and connectedness in Baltimore City youth.

Justice Codes Nonprofit

Improving the use and understanding of technology in the criminal justice system.

Kindred Community Healing

The aim of Kindred Community Healing is to address the mental and emotional well-being of activists and change-makers of color through the facilitation of community based healing spaces that teach Mind-Body Medicine skills.

Lakeland Community Impact Fund

Promoting the education of residents and partnership of schools, businesses and churches in the area of crime prevention and quality of life and to assist in the safeguarding of the community, its residents and their properties through voluntary activities including public information problem solving and addressing community problems and concerns.


Harnesses and shares elected officials’ disaster lessons learned to help other communities better prevent, prepare for and recover from similar crises.


Provides funding for veteran, re-entry, homeless, and other at-risk populations for workforce development opportunities.

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation

Dedicated to encouraging education, fostering research and providing a support network for those impacted by Loeys-Dietz Syndrome.

Lost Boys and Girls Safe Space

Holding conversations that assist with the social and cultural changes needed in the Oliver community, and then implements those changes.

Maryland Health and Wellness

Empower seniors, veterans, and adults with special needs within the Baltimore Metropolitan area by providing alternative therapies that engage and assist these individuals to achieve greater independence by overcoming physical and emotional limitations.

Maryland Justice Project

A city and statewide, non-partisan organization dedicated to uplifting, educating, and advocating, for the most marginalized systems involved women and girls.

Medfield Community Association

A volunteer group that empowers our community to improve our quality of life through communication, engagement, participation, and advocacy in Baltimore, Maryland.

Medfield Heights Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization

Supports the school community of students, families, and teachers by fundraising to provide classroom technology equipment and enrichment programming.

Mile 22 Civic Labs, Inc.

Baltimore Votes is a values-based coalition working to engage every Baltimore institution in the process of improving voter participation. It is run as a program of Mile 22 Civic Labs with strategic and programmatic direction set by a nine member advisory board.

MOM Cares

Serving low-income, single, women of color, with a NICU experience in Baltimore City.

Moving History

Moving History heals injured identities, creates healthy culture, and fosters strong community by introducing students citywide to curriculum which centers African American contributions through dance.

Nation of Makers

Dedicated to helping makers by supporting maker organizations; through advocacy, the sharing of resources, and the building of community within the maker movement and beyond.

Northern District Community Council

A community partnership fundraising effort to support physical and programmatic improvements offered through the Northern District Police Department.

Our Joyful Noise Baltimore

Our Joyful Noise Baltimore serves the essential human need for beauty and connection with art through free classical and jazz musical performances of the highest professional quality presented in a prison, a shelter for veterans facing homelessness and addiction, a cancer treatment residence and for people living with autism in the Baltimore community. Our vision is of a world where all people- regardless of economic situation, disability challenge or circumstance- have easy access to the life affirming splendor of live music.

Play Fresh

Strives to use sports as a catalyst to empower young community leaders and promote environmental awareness.

Project TeamTime

Our mission is to offer quality, consistent wellness and athletic programming (year-round) to inspire holistic shift of an generation and create healthy kids.

Reflection of Kings

Supporting the healthy development of African-American boys by using media to help them explore their identities, connect with positive role models, and build awareness on issues impacting Black males.

Sebass Foundation

Promoting safety, helping reduce racial and economic inequities, and fostering a positive sense of community throughout the city of Baltimore. In memory of Sebastian Tucker Richard Dvorak.


Addressing the community problems of childhood diabetes, obesity, and other health-related issues due to poor dieting.

Sisters Saving the City

Empowering urban youth to become positive and productive members of their community and to realize and step into their greatness.

Small Developers Collective

Works to engage and support small, independent developers in the Baltimore area by providing a coordinated voice so the impact of their efforts can be quantified and represented within the larger community development framework.

Step Up Maryland

Step Up MD inspires ordinary people to get engaged in the public debate about government, policy and our political process.

The Baldwin Prize

Using the craft of writing to put people in touch with their humanity–and each other.

The Barclay Playground Rebuild

Focused on improving the lives of the children and youth by providing safe and enriching opportunities for play and recreation.

The Be. Org

Encouraging and nurturing youth to live above their socially-imposed limitations; to develop their character, talents, and leadership skills, allowing them to go beyond a dream and achieve remarkable excellence.

The Behavior Hub

The Behavior Hub works to promote mental, emotional and physical growth through collaborative problem solving that elevates the way individuals connect with and lead children.

The Board Room

The Board Room is a program designed to engage young people of color through the game of chess. Defining purpose and strengthening values, self esteem and integrity one pawn at a time.

The Charin Foundation

Providing Pre-K through 12th grade Baltimore City Public School students with academic and community leadership development programs through project-based learning.

The Children’s Funding Project

The Children’s Funding Project aims to close equity and opportunity gaps for children and youth by helping communities employ innovative strategies to effectively leverage existing funding and generate new revenue.

The Chinatown Collective

Mission is to amplify the voices and experiences of Baltimore-based Asian American Pacific Islander artists, entrepreneurs, and creatives.

The Educate One Project

Provides financial support guidance to increase the opportunity for inner city college bound and college attending youth to get on and remain on a pathway to success.

The Maryland Trans Resilience Conference

The Maryland Trans Resilience Conference, launching September 21st, will bring together trans people from around Maryland for a day of community, workshops, resource tables, and more, all focused on building resilience.

Organized by The Baltimore Transgender AllianceTrans Healthcare MD, and CLEAR Baltimore, in partnership with local trans leaders, the conference aims to build community and solidarity among transgender communities in Maryland and to offer opportunities for connections and capacity-building for trans people.

Transit Choices

Transforming Baltimore into a more livable, walkable 21st century City.

Upendo Movement

Seeks to support families holistically by assessing, addressing and eliminating barriers that lead to successful family development and transition to adulthood for youth.

Village Parents

Support partner fundraising efforts and school-supportive activities at the Barclay School and Margret Brent Elementary/Middle School.

WeGo Foundation

Creates opportunities for enrichment, enjoyment, and communication to our clients, through the implementation of telepresence technology and programming in order to promote innovation for new and profound avenues of human connection.

William Tipper Thomas Foundation

An advocacy program that promotes and facilitates science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, philanthropic endeavors, and humanitarian initiatives to promote community empowerment and prevent social decay.

Wilson Park Community Association

Improving the Wilson Park neighborhood for the next generation of residents and visitors.

Wilson Park Northern

Working to improve the quality of life in Wilson Park.

Winston-Govans Neighborhood Improvement Association

Building cohesion among residents; makes the neighborhood safe and environmentally-friendly; and provides opportunities for youth to protect investment in community.

Women with CLASS

Our mission is to develop and instill self-worth, self-respect, and self-empowerment while improving the self-image among young women; by teaching them leadership skills through active participation workshops.

Womxn of Color Weekend

Womxn of Color Weekend is a four-day Pride designed to elevate, strengthen, educate and celebrate LGBTQIA womxn of color, non-binary and gender-fluid people of color and allies.

York Road Partnership

Promoting the vitality of the York Road community as a desirable urban environment in which to live, shop, work, and worship.

Young King’s Leadership Academy

Serving Black male middle school students and illuminates their full potential by providing unique learning opportunities beyond the classroom.

Youth Empowered Society

Baltimore City’s first and only drop-in center for homeless youth.