Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Neighborhood Programs


Strong City’s neighborhood-based activities are intrinsically linked to our efforts to strengthen communities and schools so that all residents are engaged in improving neighborhood quality of life.
Our Neighborhood Programs initiatives:

Healthy Neighborhoods – Buying a home in Baltimore is more affordable than you might think. With relatively low housing prices and a number of available incentives, buying a house can be much cheaper than renting, help you build equity, and promotes long-term stability in our city’s neighborhoods. Strong City’s Healthy Neighborhoods program can help by providing low-interest loans and incentives for buying and renovating homes on target blocks.

Promoting Economic Development – Strong City works in priority areas of Baltimore where economic development efforts will have the greatest impact. Currently these include the Healthy Neighborhoods target areas of Charles Village, Ednor Gardens-Lakeside, Remington, and Waverly Village, as well as the commercial districts of Greenmount Avenue, North Charles Street, Central Baltimore, Old Goucher, Station North, and York Road.

Providing Community Building Resources – We provide training, resources, and assistance for neighborhood residents and community associations so they are able to build and improve on their neighborhoods and resolve problems by utilizing best practices, implementing effective advocacy strategies, and accessing city services and resources. Read more here.

Strengthening Public Schools – Strong neighborhoods need strong schools. As an administrator of Healthy Neighborhoods, which focuses on revitalizing middle-market areas, we understand that the most effective way to attract and retain families in our neighborhoods is to ensure that their children receive a good education. That is why we see quality schools as integral to healthy community development and vibrant urban living. Read more here.