Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Fiscal Sponsorship

Starting and maintaining a non-profit can be difficult and costly.
At Strong City Baltimore, we leverage our administrative expertise and capacity to support projects engaged in charitable activities.

Strong City Baltimore has been building and strengthening neighborhoods and people by enhancing the capacity of residents and social change makers to improve their communities for close to 50 years. Ten years ago, we expanded that work to include fiscal sponsorship, fiscal management, consulting, and other supportive services that allow charitable initiatives to succeed in executing their missions.

We support over 130 programs and projects, with assets over $12 million, and employ 150 people. We believe that society is made stronger through the work of community-based initiatives and leaders. Our work is not tied to our location. We support initiatives, groups and organizations throughout Maryland and across the country.

About Our Services

Fiscal Sponsorship and management are sustainable cost-effective ways to make your non-profit happen.

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Consulting and Other Services

Utilize Strong City’s 50 years of expertise through a consultation with one of our experts on fundraising, program management, human resources, and more.

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A database of useful non-profit management tools exclusively for current projects and clients.