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Non-Profit Business Services

Clockwise: Fiscally sponsored projects AZIZA/PE&CE, Equal Medium Mentorship, Bedtime in a Box, and Dance and Bmore Programs

Starting and maintaining a non-profit can be difficult and costly.
At Strong City Baltimore, we leverage our administrative expertise and capacity to support projects engaged in charitable activities.

Through our fiscal sponsorship, unincorporated initiatives and projects can come under the Strong City umbrella so that they can operate as a non-profit without having to secure their own 501(c)(3) certification.  This includes being able to accept donations, grants and other charitable funds, offer donation acknowledgements and receipts, and utilize tax-exempt status. Projects in this program receive basic accounting, operations, donor data management support.

Strong City also offers fiscal management to existing non-profit organizations with independent 501(c)(3) status. Fiscally managed clients receive essential back office support while maintaining the freedom of an independent organization.

To see the full extent of our services and fee structure please review this overview

The evaluation process for new potential projects and clients is currently closed.
We will resume accepting new inquiries in January 2018.

Initiatives, projects, or organizations interested in exploring fiscal sponsorship or fiscal management can prepare for the evaluation process to open by reviewing our standard vetting questions. Responses to these questions are a required part of the process.

Additional Services:

Organizations can also take advantage of Strong City’s administrative capacity by contracting for our additional business services.  The following services are available to all organizations, regardless of whether or not they have a 501(c)(3) certification: fundraising, communications, human resource, benefits, accounting, legal, and technology support.

Contact Samantha Solomon, our Business Development Associate to learn more.

Our Projects and Clients:

Strong City currently provides its Non-Profit Business Services to over 100 non-profit projects and organizations.