Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Community Building Resources

Strong City Baltimore’s Neighborhood Programs are at the heart of our efforts to build and strengthen people and neighborhoods in our city.

We believe that a strong 20120202-barclay-1309neighborhood must include engaged residents who work together to tackle tough issues, from crime to trash dumping to a lack of jobs. When a neighborhood seeks Strong City’s help, we coach residents to take advantage of the assets on their blocks and build relationships with their neighbors to form block networks and strengthen neighborhood associations. At the same time, we connect neighborhoods to citywide resources and larger coalitions to build power and leverage resources.

Our conviction that social change begins with neighborhood organizing has yielded positive results in Remington, Barclay, Harwood, the York Road corridor, and beyond. Recently, we were asked to apply our expertise to developing a community improvement plan for the Brooklyn-Curtis Bay-Brooklyn Park area.

As a citywide organization, we stand ready to join forces with anyone who shares our vision, and we are open to working in any part of the city.

Neighborhood Leadership

Our Neighborhood Institute annually enrolls over 300 participants. This event offers a curated menu of workshops and panel discussions that give participants tips, tools and inspiration to improve their neighborhoods and the city. Save the Date: This year’s Neighborhood Institute is April 16, 2016 at the Baltimore School of Design.

Strong City’s Block Captain Training program is the best in Baltimore. Our staff works closely with residents to map out a system of blocks and identify captains for each one. Our Block Captain curriculum consists of block organizing, running effective meetings, addressing common quality of life concerns including strategic code enforcement.