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Neighborhood Institute Workshop Preview: “Baltimore by the Numbers” by Seema Iyer

“Baltimore by the Numbers” led by Seema Iyer is always one of the most popular offerings at the Neighborhood Institute – if you are looking for more data to help plan for your community, this workshop is for you! You can register for the 2015 Neighborhood Institute here.

Demographics can tell us a lot about neighborhoods. They can help neighborhood leaders formulate plans to better improve quality of life and market their community to new residents. However, with so many potential data points to look at, how can leaders best plan and analyze the health of their neighborhood?


BNIA's Seem Iyer (Photo courtesy of BNIA)

BNIA’s Seem Iyer(Photo courtesy of BNIA)

Vital Signs is a project of the Baltimore Neighborhood Indicators Alliance (BNIA) that continuously monitors quality of life for Baltimore’s neighborhoods. Because of BNIA, when indicators are moving in a negative direction, communities have the chance to take immediate, hopefully preventative, measures to turn the trend around. All of the indicators from previous Vital Signs are online for everyone to see and download for use in a variety of innovative ways. Community Profiles are also available through BNIA for each of the City’s 55 Communities that provide quick access to data specific to each neighborhood’s needs. In this workshop, Seema Iyer of the Jacob France Institute at the University of Baltimore will walk participants through how to access their community profile, understand trends in their neighborhood and how to incorporate data into planning for the future.

GHCC’s annual Neighborhood Institute will be held on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School (1500 Barclay Street). To register for the event, follow this link. This year, the Institute will feature 36 workshops on a variety of topics relevant to community issues and City-wide opportunities. Check back here regularly for a preview of some of the workshops and presenters you can expect to see at this year’s Institute.