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Neighborhood Institute Workshop Preview: “Come Love a Forest Patch” by Katie Lautar

If you are looking to protect the natural beauty and biodiversity of your neighborhood, ‘Come Love a Forest Patch’ would be perfect for you! To participate in this workshop, and others, register for the 2015 Neighborhood Institute here.

Even in Baltimore’s urban environment, many large forest patches exist. In fact, 34% of Baltimore’s tree canopy comes from forest patches – areas with over 10,000 square feet of tree canopy. These patches provide important ecosystem and wildlife benefits while contributing to the diversity and beauty of Baltimore City. Forest patches exist all over the City, sometimes hidden in the alleys behind our main streets – there is probably one in your neighborhood already!

Katie Lautar of Baltimore Green Space (photo courtesy of Baltimore Green Space).

Katie Lautar of Baltimore Green Space (photo courtesy of Baltimore Green Space).

As part of our Greening track, we are excited to partner with Baltimore Green Space to offer the “Come Love a Forest Patch” workshop at the 2015 Neighborhood Institute. This presentation will be led by Katie Lautar of Baltimore Green Space and include presentations from forest stewards from Govans Urban Forest, Springfield Woods, and Wilson Woods. Come learn about forest patches, discuss their environmental and social value, and share the basics of forest care in a patch near you. The forest patch stewards will also share stories of caring for their forests.

GHCC’s annual Neighborhood Institute will be held on Saturday, April 18th, 2015 at the Baltimore Design School (1500 Barclay Street). To register for the event, follow this link. This year, the Institute will feature 36 workshops on a variety of topics relevant to community issues and City-wide opportunities. Check back here regularly for a preview of some of the workshops and presenters you can expect to see at this year’s Institute.