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Neighborhood Institute Sponsor Spotlight: Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance

DBFA_primary_logoPropelled by the belief that thriving, connected families are the key to vibrant communities, the Downtown Baltimore Family Alliance fosters and promotes family life in Baltimore’s city center. DBFA and GHCC have partnered to support vibrant urban life, specifically in supporting public schools, for a number of years, and we were thrilled to have their support in making this year’s Neighborhood Institute a huge success. 

Tell us a bit more about DBFA, what was the motivation behind founding the organization?

The organization was started to connect and give a voice to parents who wanted to expand options for family life in Baltimore.   Core to our original concept was to market the city as a great place to live and raise a family.

In what ways do you work with business to help make a more family friendly Baltimore?

We show family-oriented businesses that there is a strong market here in Baltimore city. Our belief is that you do not need to drive to the suburbs to find family friendly adventures and events.  We hope that businesses will continue to choose Baltimore, and in doing so, help enrich the opportunities and possibilities for families.

Why were you excited to partner with Greater Homewood for this year’s neighborhood Institute?

One of the key areas that DBFA focuses on is education. We value the opportunity for parents and neighbors to come together and share information on how to support local schools. GHCC’s Neighborhood Institute provides an excellent opportunity for this type of networking.

What do you love about living in Baltimore?

I love the vibrancy of the city and the mixture of people. The many cultural assets from the museums to the universities to libraries are a real treat.  Plus, I enjoy the diversity of landscape. Baltimore is the type of city where you can enjoy an exciting urban core but also have access to great parks and nature.

Tell us about a hidden gem in the downtown area?

Although this is not technically located downtown, my family and I enjoy Leakin Park in West Baltimore. Every time we go back, there are new and exciting things to discover. One of our favorite activities is to go on hikes and pick blackberries. The kids also enjoy the small railroad train they can ride on.

What has DBFA accomplished that you are most proud of?

The organization has moved at an amazing pace and accomplished a lot.  Because education is so important to me, one thing that stands out is the Annual School and Youth Programming Fair and The Parents for Public Schools Summit.  These two events have been successful in presenting some of the great education options available to the families of Baltimore city.

Substantive questions: How can families get involved with DBFA?

The best way for families to get involved is to attend events or join our mailing list. We have two upcoming events:

1) Meet the Big Kids’ Parents – Apr 9, 2014 at 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm

2) DBFA’s Eggcellent Day at the Park (A family field-day adventure) – Apr 12, 2014 at 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

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