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At Strong City, empowering and helping to build the capacity of community leaders and social change makers is at the core of everything we do. We accept new fiscally sponsored projects and new fiscally managed clients through two tracks.

Start Up Track

In addition to receiving the standard essential nonprofit operations supports, projects in the Start Up Track are supported by a structured educational and training curriculum and the benefit of learning from and connecting with other new project leaders. In the first six months of fiscal sponsorship, Start Up Track project leaders will receive training on raising and managing money, operationalizing their programming, and other nonprofit best practices.

The Start Up Track is for projects and clients that:

  • Are brand new and are doing their programming for the first time
  • Are typically not incorporated
  • Have budgets under $50,000
  • Are not currently funded (no committed funds or awards)
  • Are new to fundraising or nonprofit operations
  • Are looking for structured fundraising and nonprofit management support and education

2020 Winter Start Up

Strong City is currently at capacity for serving fiscally sponsored projects through the Start Up Track. We are focusing on supporting our current portfolio of initiatives, as well as facilitating a smooth transition to the Hoen Lithograph Building in December 2019.  We hope to open applications for a new group of Start Up Track Projects in early 2020. Click the link below to join the email list for the next Start Up Track.

Propel Track

Projects and clients in the Propel Track are typically already operating under another partner, fiscal sponsor, as an independent 501(c)(3), or the project leaders have been doing very similar programming through another avenue (such as a for-profit or other nonprofit). These projects and clients come to us with a completed operations plan, and are seeking an avenue that will allow them to quickly start their work or seamlessly continue their work. They have medium to large budgets (at least $50,000), some committed funding, and/or detailed fundraising plans backed by past experience. They do not need or want to participate in a structured nonprofit operations education curriculum, but they do want occasional expert advice.

The Propel Track is for projects or clients that have some or all of the following:

  • Have already started their programming or have done similar programming in the past
  • May be incorporated as a 501(c)(3)
  • Have budgets over $50,000
  • Have some committed funds or letters of support from potential funders
  • Have previous experience successfully fundraising or operationalizing nonprofit work
  • Are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to start a new nonprofit

We bring on these projects on a rolling basis.

To become a fiscally sponsored project or fiscally managed client of Strong City Baltimore, initiatives and organizations must go through our vetting and evaluation process to ensure we can support the work. The first step is to tell us more about you and your work by clicking the button below.

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