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Strong City utilizes a holistic model of collaborative community building while increasing people’s capacity to succeed. Over the past decade, our approach has dramatically improved many neighborhoods in Baltimore.


The Development Associate is responsible for planning and carrying out special events, securing business sponsorships, and soliciting individual donors through annual fund appeals. The Associate will manage the donor database and will have a 360-degree view of all cash, credit card, securities, and in-kind donations and all donors to Strong City Baltimore. Click here to learn more.


Volunteers are at the heart of Strong City Baltimore, indispensable in carrying out our mission. As a volunteer, you will enjoy meaningful work while making a positive impact in your community. Our volunteers range from young children to senior citizens and come not only from nearby neighborhoods but from all over the metropolitan area.


The intern will collaborate with Strong City’s Community Wealth Building Strategist to develop new resources and tools (e.g., an interactive map and corresponding database of locally-owned businesses) that will help support and grow Baltimore’s local economy.

Postcard Project

We believe that Baltimore is a city of extraordinary neighborhoods, communities, and people. Each of them is worth fighting for. We are more than one community or one cause and we stand ready to engage and collaborate with anyone who shares our commitment to a stronger, more prosperous Baltimore for everyone.

We Love Our Sponsors

We’re grateful to the many businesses that contribute to the work of Strong City Baltimore!