Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Meet Strong City’s VISTA Cohort

Cataria Davis

Site: Bmore4Kidz

Hometown: York, AL

“Through AmeriCorps, I will dedicate myself to ensuring the people served will benefit from all services provided. I hope to change the health outlook by making this service investment one person at a time.”

Dani Moorad

Site: Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)/Prince George’s County

Hometown: Edgewood, MD

“I believe I am the best, strongest version of myself when I am inspiring people through my marketing and community outreach to become the best version of themselves. As stated by Marvin J. Ashton, my mission is to, “leave people better than [you] found them,” and I look forward to the opportunity to distinguish myself as an AmeriCorps VISTA Member.

Hailey Edmondson

Site: Crossroads Community Food Network

Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Hailey is completing her second year of VISTA service with CCFN!

“I am excited to leverage my strong professional network to source ideas for the program, maintain existing practices, and establish valuable new partnerships. I hope to grow my experiences in people-focused programs addressing local and community food access in Maryland and DC.”

Imani Spence

Site: Improving Education

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“AmeriCorps fulfills all my new dreams for my life. I’m able to join a community of people deeply passionate about their community and who believe deeply that they can can come together to make a huge difference in the world. I want my AmeriCorps time to teach me all about what excites me and where I can best be put to work. I want to get things done.”

Lindsay Robbins

Site: Esperanza Center

Hometown: Buffalo, NY

“I’m most excited to meet and get to know more service-oriented people, and to have the opportunity to work for a cause that I’m very passionate about.”

Maura Dwyer

Site: Neighborhood Design Center

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“This opportunity will encourage me to grow from a fine artist to a community-based designer.”

Michael Schwartz

Site: International Rescue Committee – Baltimore

Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

“I’m looking forward to applying my experience and education to improve economic empowerment programs for refugees in the U.S. that will ultimately help individuals and families seeking refuge from violence and prejudice around the world.”

Nancy Padden

Site: Martin Pollak Project

Hometown: Baltimore, MD

“I was born and raised in Baltimore and I have a deep love for the city and its people. I believe I can be a part of the positive change occurring in Baltimore.”

Nelly Meschino

Site: Maryland Office of the Public Defender

Hometown: Niskayuna, NY

“I’m excited to be able to utilize what I’ve learned in school and organize a program that will hopefully aid the community and the public defenders I’ll be working with.”

Sonali Saraf

Site: Liberty Judy  Center

Hometown: Owings Mills, MD

“I love learning novel ideas and concepts and although I plan to seek higher education in the future to eventually pursue a career in emergency medicine, I hope that participating in an AmeriCorps program will let me continue to learn, just in different setting and style. As a member of AmeriCorps, I hope to give back to society, with no intentions of taking anything back.”