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Did you celebrate Earth Hour by turning out your lights on Saturday evening? Well, here’s another way you can help the planet and get your community on board! Baltimore Community Foundation (BCF) is partnering with the Mayor’s Cleaner, Greener Baltimore Initiative to offer grants to community organizations, Community Relations Councils, and neighborhood umbrella groups who want to get the word out about Baltimore City’s recycling program. The City of Baltimore anticipates that significant education and
By John Bernet, GHCC Community Connections Coordinator/AmeriCorps VISTA On Saturday, March 22nd, students from Success Academy in Baltimore City came out for a volunteer clean-up day at St. John’s United Methodist Church on the corner of 26th and St. Paul Street. Over the course of two very productive hours, they cleaned out the garden and trimmed back the ivy along the front of the building and raked the side yards, making it look beautiful just
Paul Smith graduated from Medfield Heights Elementary School in 1962 and is currently President of the Medfield Community Association. Recently [Medfield Heights Elementary School] had the first reunion gathering. Approximately 150 graduates returned to share old stories and rekindle old friendships from quite a while ago. Some of the attendees still live in the neighborhood. It was great to see some of the guys and gals that I grew up with in Medfield. The turnout
By Leigh Dalton, Truancy Court Program Manager and School Liaison Center for Families, Children and the Courts at the University of Baltimore School of Law. To all teachers, administrators and community members interested in child advocacy and education: As the Truancy Court Program Manager and School Liaison, I am sending you the link located below regarding an Urban Child Symposium presented by the Center for Families, Children and the Courts (CFCC) to take place on
by Nate Evans, Bike and Pedestrian Planner, City of Baltimore With the high bicycle volume of Charles Village, more parking is needed for cyclists. The on-street bike parking (OSBP) converts an existing vehicular car space to park 10-12 bicycles. Cyclists in GHCC’s Baltimore Bike Pageant, August 2008 OSBP centralizes bike parking, which improves security for the bikes and preserves sidewalk space for merchants and pedestrians. As bikes are parked in the street, the facility will