Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Fighting racism is part of our work

Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. All of us at Strong City Baltimore are distressed by how violence pervades our society. We are angered by the deaths of black citizens at the hands of police, whether around the corner or across the country. Many people in the neighborhoods where we do our work are hurting, and we honor their grief and pain.

We believe that Baltimore, despite its many challenges, is a strong city. Our mission is to build and strengthen neighborhoods and people throughout Baltimore. However, we know that this cannot happen when the well-being of black citizens is threatened by police brutality and other forms of violence and inequity. We also recognize that the social ills affecting so many of Baltimore’s neighborhoods are rooted in the long history of racism in our city and nation.

When Strong City supports neighborhoods in their efforts to improve education, increase quality of life, and build community wealth, we are working to remedy the grievous harm caused in large part by historical and institutional racism. We pledge to continue educating ourselves about this issue, and to move forward aware of how racism affects the communities we work with and committed to taking steps to make “justice everywhere” a reality.


There are many free resources available online to help individuals, families, and communities cope during times of trauma. Here are a few that may be useful:

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