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Bidding a fond farewell to Kim Bosworth

Kim Bosworth first came to GHCC’s Adult Learning Center (ALC) as an AmeriCorps*VISTA in 2003.  One year later, her commitment to Adult Education had earned her a spot as a teacher and full-time staff member.  Kim eventually became Assistant Director of the ALC, though she continued to teach reading to more than 200 adult learners each year.

photo 1“I’ve enjoyed seeing people become empowered to do things for themselves,” says Kim. “I’ll miss the teachers who have so much passion for what they do. I’ll miss the learners. They’re the reason why we’re here,” she said.

Kim remembers one of her students who had a multitude of health issues but struggled to read and fill out forms.  He would bring his wife with him to medical appointments because she could read and write. If he was alone, he’d pretend that he forgot his glasses and ask someone else to do the writing for him.  In response to this learner’s situation and others with similar challenges, Kim created a series of lessons that focused solely on filling out forms of all kinds.  One day, that learner came to class and told Kim, “I went to the doctor’s office alone and wrote what I needed to write.”

That sense of growth and accomplishment is not the only thing that motivated Kim during her time at the ALC; she also credits the teachers and staff.

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 “The learners who come to us haven’t been successful in other schools, they’ve failed all their lives and the fact that they still want to try at 60, 70 years old really speaks to the work we do here,” she says.  “They trust us enough and feel comfortable.  If they didn’t feel supported even when they’re frustrated, they wouldn’t come. We have a small staff, but we get stuff done and still have a good time.”

This mind-set remains embodied in the legacy Kim has left after over 10 years of service to the ALC.  Teachers, learners, volunteers, and staff alike will truly miss her and wish her the best.

“I don’t think of myself as accomplishing things alone; we all have a hand in the collective successes here,” says Kim. “I’ve always kept the focus on answering ‘What can we do to set up everyone who walks through our door for the greatest chance of success?’”

As Kim transitions to her new position at Anne Arundel Community College, she has some parting advice: “Be mindful of what you’re doing and no matter what happens keep a sense of humor.”

Good luck, Kim.