Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

Barclay Greening Efforts in Full Gear

If you didn’t know before, hear us now – Barclay has a green team! A green team is a group of committed residents who are working to beautify their neighborhood, making improvements to existing projects and transforming vacant and forgotten properties into gardens and green spaces. Barclay has good reason to be proud of their greening efforts, and thanks to some recent grant funding and the hard work of dedicated community members, there is a lot of evidence to show it.

  • Neighborhood Resident Miss Grace Comer submitted a proposal and received funding from the Parks and People Foundation for upgrades to the garden at the corner of 20th and Guilford.
  • The Homewood House gardeners also received funding from the Parks and People Foundation for experiments with soil enrichments.
  • Another community group adopted a lot and received funding to transform a vacant lot into a vegetable garden.
  • Residents also came together and created a vision that would establish gateways to our neighborhood and submitted a proposal for funding.

barclay green 1 barclay green 2Come visit our neighborhood and see the buddings of spring throughout our community greening projects!