Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

After more than four years of planning, staff move into the Hoen Lithograph Building

We made it!  

More than four years of preparation and partnership paid off two weeks ago when Strong City officially reopened in our new space. It’s hard to believe that less than a year ago, the Hoen Lithograph Building was an unfinished shell.  

The space is already helping us create a collaborative culture, with staff zipping back and forth between the Adult Learning Center at the south end of the building and the operational offices at the north end. We feel healthier thanks to our adjustable standing desks, natural light, and water bottle filling stations. And, we have been out and about getting to know the neighborhood and exploring lunch options. Soon the space will be used to support even more communitybuilding efforts.  

Come see for yourself, and learn more about how we are connecting the physical space to our mission of building and strengthening neighborhoods and people. Sign up for a onehour tour.

Many hands went into making a project like this possible, and we don’t have enough space to thank everyone, but we want to lift up a few folks who went above and beyond. Our architect, Ziger/Snead LLP. The team at Cross Street Partners who helped us navigate a project at this scale. Markus Saelzer, our IT Administrator who personally moved all our computers and put in long hours troubleshooting the technology. Dana Murphy who, as our project manager, created a system to make sure that everything ended up where it was supposed to be.  

Thank you as well to the many funders who also believed in this vision, particularly the City and State, the Lockhart Vaughn Foundation, and the David and Barbara B. Hirschhorn Foundation.  

We were also glad to see a lot of our old furniture go to other nonprofits so it could continue to support efforts to improve Baltimore. Stay tuned for those stories.  

Despite incredible support, we are still about $10,000 short of the cost of finishing and furnishing the building. Give today and be a part of the exciting work yet to come!