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Acting out history at Dallas Nicholas

On February 28, actor Aaron Androh of the Reginald F. Lewis Museum of Maryland African American History & Culture visited students in GHCC’s Barclay Youth Safe Haven Program (BYSH) at Dallas Nicholas Elementary School.  In honor of Black History Month, Mr. Androh arrived in the persona of Earl White, an important figure in Chesapeake history.

“We’ve been doing a unit called History and Heroes,” says Shekita Wilkins, who is the Director of BYSH. “I wanted to introduce the children to a significant historical figure with roots in Baltimore so that they are able to make a more personal connection between their hometown and history.”

Once called “The Black Pearl of the Chesapeake,” Mr. White was an oysterman who, in 1998, was named an Honorary Admiral of the Chesapeake – a title that few African Americans have ever held. After a long life, Mr. White died in 2004. Most watermen still consider him a legend.

BYSH provides 50 students at Dallas F. Nicholas Elementary School with mentoring and enrichment activities such as this one. We are currently in great need of academic mentors to serve our students for two hours a week after school. If you are interested, please contact Shekita Wilkins at 410-916-2540 or