Building and Strengthening Neighborhoods and People

About Us

Strong City Baltimore takes a holistic approach to building and strengthening neighborhoods and people 

We make neighborhoods stronger.

Strong City does not believe in quick fixes to complex problems. Experience has shown us that lasting change is achieved by supporting neighborhood leaders, fostering civic engagement, and building community.

One of our priorities is always housing revitalization, with an emphasis on reducing vacancies. When Strong City began its targeted code enforcement in 2008, there were more than 800 vacant buildings in our focus area; by the end of 2014, there were fewer than 400. Since 2007, this work has generated more than $20 million in private investment.

We make schools stronger.

Strong City’s site-based community school coordinators support teachers, administrators and parents to augment services, identify resources, and help schools become neighborhood hubs.

Our relentless advocacy work resulted in a brand new Waverly Elementary/Middle School building, and as a founding member and fiscal sponsor of the Baltimore Education Coalition, we helped turn the dream of a $1 billion state investment in city public schools into a reality.

We make people stronger.

Strong City’s programs and partnerships increase individuals’ capacity to succeed.

Our Adult Learning Center is the second-largest citywide provider of adult basic education and ESOL classes.

Strong City’s partnership with the Healthy Neighborhoods program helps increase homeownership with access to low-interest loans and incentives.

The 29th Street Community Center, which had been closed by the city in 2011, was reopened by Strong City in 2013 and is thriving, with 450 adults and children enrolled weekly in its programs – 70 percent of which are led by community residents.

We make organizations stronger.

As the fiscal sponsor for 110 local organizations, Strong City partners with change-makers throughout the city, from small groups like Friends of Stony Run to complex social enterprises such as Impact Hub in Station North and the Greater Baybrook Alliance in South Baltimore.

As the largest sponsor of AmeriCorps VISTA members in Maryland, Strong City’s influence extends to dozens more nonprofits and government agencies.

We make Baltimore stronger.

Over the last decade, we have become a citywide force with expertise in numerous areas: managing the VISTA program, working to strengthen local schools, facilitating neighborhood revitalization work block by block, providing adult literacy programs, running a community center, and supporting dozens of local nonprofits with fiscal sponsorship and back-office services. Although this work is diversified, it is unified: All of Strong City Baltimore’s activities have the common purpose of making our city’s people and neighborhoods stronger.

Have Questions or Ideas?
You may contact our staff via phone or email or stop by our main office anytime between 9:00am – 5:00pm, Mondays – Fridays.

Interested in seeing a map of where we work? Check out a map of our city-wide impact here.